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setup global MIDI input

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 5:41 pm
by huib
Since a few days I'm exploring Giada and it is very impressive. I like to find out al the possibilities of it.
At the moment I found a problem with setting the global MIDI input in the edit tab. I'm using GIada 0.16.2 on Windows7 and also on Linux found the same issue.
Rewind, play/stop and action recording works ok in learning mode. input recording does not work and the program crashes. From metronome to seq/2 the variables are shifted. input volume = metronome, output volume=input volume, seqx2 = output volume, seq/2 is seqx2 and metronome = seq/2.
What I do not see also that these settings are not set in the configuration file nor in a project file?

Thanks a lot for this intriguing part of software.
Huib Groenewegen

Re: setup global MIDI input

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 5:08 pm
by FFT
Hi Huib,

Thanks for reporting. The MIDI learning process has been overhauled for the upcoming version (0.16.3), especially the global MIDI learning part. I too was experiencing some weird errors with the configuration file, which should be gone with 0.16.3, hopefully. Stay tuned...