Mute Groups, Playlist, Scenes, Dedicated Outputs

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Mute Groups, Playlist, Scenes, Dedicated Outputs

Post by vinz » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:42 pm

Hey devs!

I'm one of the guys behind SuperBoucle (, a similar open source loop software (but with far less features tha giada!). I just discover the last version of giada and I have to say, it is amazing!! It has a lot of feature I'd like to see one day in SuperBoucle, but I'm not a dev (just a hardcore user on the stage, feature requester and the main testing guy) and the development of SB is quite slow (the main devs has no time anymore). I'm thinking to switch to Giada but right now I can't because I miss the last 4 features we implements in SB (IMHO 4 absolutely needed features for live on stage). I would like to explain them and if they could make their way to giada I would be really really happy.

1. Dedicated outputs: I know this is already in the roadmap, but here the way we implement it in SB: There is a port manager for the dedicated outputs. It is possible to add and delete ports ( = output buses). It is possible to route each loop (clip) to a specific output. So it is possible to create a KICK OUT, HIHAT OUT, BASS OUT etc. So each output port is going out of SB and mixed or recorded separately (via jack). So it is possible for example to mix each track on the fly with Carla (with LV2/VST etc), or to record each track in Ardour or to send each track to an analogue mixer and be mixed live by the sound engineer of the stage. In my case I go out with 8 outputs straight to Carla and mix them on the fly via a midi controller and record them in Ardour separately for fine mixing later on.

2. Playlist. The playlist is a really simple feature. It is just a window with a list of song (= set list). Clicking on a song will load it immediately. So you can arrange your own shows and switch between the songs really fast during the gig.

3. Mute groups. This is a really interesting feature and essential in some case. Simply speaking, it is possible to put each loop (clip) in a mute group. Triggering one clip (in the group) will mute all the other clips (in that group). This is really handy for clips that are not allowed to be played at the same time (i.e. 2 different bass lines / song parts with different harmonies).

4. Scenes. Like in Ableton live, this is essential if the song has specific parts that has to be played at one specific time. In SB we implement it like saving a scene will create a snapshot of which clip is playing (or stopped/muted) right now. Calling this scene will restore the snapshot. So it is possible to have a scene for chorus, verse, intro, etc. It is still possible to play around / improvise but at some point of the song just call the scene and be sure the right arrangement is coming.

At some point I was thinking to abstract the mute group / scenes in an "event/action" behaviour thing. The idea would be: triggering a clip can start/stop/mute/unmute other clips. (like in HarmonySEQ for linux). With it, it would be possible to emulate the mute group and the scenes, but I'm not really sure if this would be to complicated for normal users or not.

(5). Full Jack transport master. Giada is already partly Jack Transport master but it still need to pass the BPM to jack and the "rewind " button (back to start) to be fully functional and syncable with other (jack) software.

So, that's it! :) I hope I could give some interesting ideas... and If I can help let me know!

Thank you so much for this amazing software,

All the best,

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Re: Mute Groups, Playlist, Scenes, Dedicated Outputs

Post by FFT » Sun Aug 07, 2016 5:33 pm

Hi vinz,

Thanks for your kind words! I see several interesting points here, let me address them one by one.

1. Yes, it's already in the roadmap: we were thinking of a sort of output matrix through which you can assign each channel to each output port.

2. Good point. In the upcoming release (0.13.0) the File Browser widget has been rewritten from scratch. It's now easier to navigate through songs and it's much more faster. It could be halfway between a power-browser and the Playlist tool you suggested.

3. Very useful, I add it to the roadmap, along with the Channel Group feature :)

4. We have something similar in mind, called Multi-level patterns. You would have something like multiple sound banks and action banks (like A-B-C-D buttons), where each bank corresponds to a song part: intro, bridge, verse and so on. Switching to another bank would change samples and actions stored on each channel.

5. This is another cool thing to do for the 0.13 series! I add this one too to the global roadmap.

Of course feel free to raise any questions if you feel that something is missing. Thanks again for your precious feedback!

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Re: Mute Groups, Playlist, Scenes, Dedicated Outputs

Post by vinz » Fri Aug 12, 2016 8:11 am

Hey FTT!

Thank for your reply, that gives me a lot of hope :)

1. An output matrix sound amazing, even better than what I thought with the per-loop routing option.

2. That sounds really good. To me the important point is the ability to keep the file browser window open during the performance (or it is integrated in the main window) to have the "change a song with 1 double click" behaviour (no menu, no selecting, no buttons, etc..). I'm really looking forward to the new file browser! :)

3. amazing, I think the mute groups will be really really useful to avoid mistakes on the stage (and to simplify the usability).

4. The multi-level-pattern sounds like exactly the same as the scenes, I'm looking forward!

5. If this is happening in the 0.13 ... awesome!! :D

I with you all a nice summer and good coding sessions,

all the best


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