Enhance midimap format (predefined bindings, beat output)

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Enhance midimap format (predefined bindings, beat output)

Post by mctom » Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:45 am


Since I promised to develop a midimap for Launchpad Mini, here's what I found out so far and would like you to discuss and consider.

I looked into that matter and it seems that for today, midimaps are fairly simple files for light feedback for functions yet to be defined by hand. In my opinion, the very same file format might enable users to pre-configure midi inputs for transport and channel control. How tedious is to assign each of 64 buttons to their respective channels, when that could be pre-configured in a midimap file, for say first 8 channels, in first 8 columns. Or in any other fashion, allowing the community to develop alternative midimaps for the same controller.

Secondly: Launchpads can blink preselected LEDs in sync with provided beat, rather than generic Launchpad bpm. All we need are extra two parameters in midimap file, for turning on and off preselected LEDs, and sending out these messages in sync with Giada beat. No other changes are necessary to make that happen.
Basically what I suggest is to enable users to optionally define midi commands sent out on every metronome tick, and right in between them.

I know all that sounds like an utter Launchpad-centric request, but in my opinion Giada will vastly benefit from a decent integration with Launchpads in general. These controllers are extremely popular these days and after all, are designed to control loops live. I guess the same would apply to akai apc series, and other possible controllers dedicated to Ableton.

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