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Our future plans.
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General roadmap

Post by Duchamp » Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:21 pm

These features are also tracked on the official GitHub issue tracker.

update: March 15, 2018

next big features (unsorted)
  • MIDI input (done in 0.8)
  • full screen mode (done in 0.9)
  • Anti-aliased, hi-quality pitch controller (done in 0.8)
  • LV2 support (JUCE porting)
  • VST3 support (JUCE porting)
  • MIDI import/export from/to file
  • Input MIDI to MIDI channels/VSTi(thread, thread) (done in 0.13)
  • OSC support (thread)
  • Free looplength (thread)
  • clone channel (done in 0.11)
  • layout redesign, single-windowed mode
  • interactive sequencer (jump to beat, sub-zone beat)
  • MIDI scripting engine/HID scripting (thread)
  • multiple outputs
  • pause channel (thread)
  • FX send busses
  • Full Jack transport (thread) (done in 0.13)
  • Multi-level patterns (A-B-C-D)
  • Midi-assignable VST parameters (thread) (done in 0.13)
  • "save as wav" function (thread)
  • [Action Editor] MIDI velocity editing
  • [Action Editor] Plug-in parameters editing
  • Support for mono inputs
  • Multi-language support
  • Time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithms
other improvements (unsorted)
  • PC keyboard as MIDI input (thread)
  • "keywords" for Linux OS menu (thread)
  • euclidean MIDI channel (thread)
  • extra channel for overdubbing
  • batch open/assign samples (thread)
  • Move channels around (thread)
  • Swing/groove quantizer (thread)
  • Enhanced sample button (thread)
  • recent projects/patches in file menu
  • renameable-tracks (thread) (done)
  • more, configurable keyboard shortcuts (thread)
  • Reaper-style action mapping (thread)
  • Assignable keys for MIDI channels (thread)
  • Assignable keys for global parameters (play, stop, rewind, ...) (thread)
  • Ability to load multiple samples, so it automatically creates new channel for each sample (done)
  • Marking channels. It would be more easy to group channels by colors
  • Vertical/horizontal volume controller (circular imitation of physical knobs is not convenient with mouse)
  • Channel group (thread)
  • Lighter UI theme
  • Countdown cue before start recording (thread)
  • Mute groups (thread)
  • mono or stereo play mode for each sample
  • enhanced file browser
    • load sample on double click + other optimizations (thread)
    • audible preview (thread)
    • load samples via drag and drop
    • load samples on the fly
  • tempo/synchro features (thread)
    • tempo with mouse wheel
    • Pitch bend
    • tap tempo
  • hover box hints (thread)
  • sample editor improvements (thread)
    • pitch range presets (thread)
    • playhead cursor (thread) (done)
    • Loop points snap to grid (thread) (done)
    • mouse click selection for start/end handlers (left/start, right/end)
    • double click = reset fields (for pitch, pan, etc...)
    • pitch subdivisions presets
    • reverse play (done)
    • export selected range/area
    • fast waveform UI controls (thread)
    • audio preview (thread) (done)
    • select an area of the sample and preview the part (done)
  • FLAC and Ogg support (done in 0.14.6)
  • SVG icon (thread) (done)