Giada 0.16.0beta2 - development version

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Giada 0.16.0beta2 - development version

Post by vision » Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:03 pm

This is a preview of the final Giada 0.16.0, to be released soon.

Release date

November 13, 2019


- Remove all pthread.h leftovers
- Fix Windows build
- Fix memory corruption on Keyboard refresh
- Fix wave size corruption while editing samples in Sample Editor
- Fix freeze when cloning a Sample Channel with a sample in it
- Fix buffer overflow when playing an edited sample
- Fix crash when loading a project with missing plug-ins
- Fix freeze when pressing 'play' during an audio recording session
- Fix play/ending UI status of MIDI channels
- Fix plug-in sorting on reload
- Fix crash when reloading a sample in the Sample Editor
- Fix messy 'R' button status when toggled
- Fix missing icons and broken checkboxes
- Optimize model updates on keyboard interaction
- Always read Columns data from patch files
- Show missing (and removable) plug-ins in Plug-in Window list
- Create default empty columns on 'Reset to initial state'
- Save relative Wave paths in project files


Giada 0.16.0beta2 @ GitHub

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