Giada 0.16.1 - Goblins

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Giada 0.16.1 - Goblins

Post by vision » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:29 pm

A goblin is a monstrous creature from European folklore. They are almost always small and grotesque, mischievous or outright malicious, and greedy, especially for gold and jewelry. They often have magical abilities similar to a fairy or demon.

Release date

January 08, 2020

  • FreeBSD support
  • Ability to remove empty columns manually
  • Gray out bpm value when in JACK client mode
  • 'Reset to init state' becomes 'close project' under File menu
  • [Linux] Upgrade Travis CI Linux machine to Xenial
  • Add namespaces to file system and logging functions
  • Remove unused G_quit global variable
  • Fix Sample Channels in loop mode not playing automatically after audio recording
  • Fix action recording button status during audio recording, signal mode

Giada 0.16.1 @ GitHub

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