Giada as a live performance tool

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Giada as a live performance tool

Post by coherer » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:06 am

Hi All,

I currently create all my tracks in Cubase and have been looking at ways to break these down and turn them into live performance tracks.

Giada seems a great tool - and all the better as it means I can use Linux on stage.

So, I plan to break all my work down into component loops then import everything into Giada. The potential problem I see - is mention of '32' slots in an online review. My tracks are likely to use near this per track (bass loops, arpeggios, drums plus one-stab speech and effects samples etc). I need to have my entire set (probably 8 songs worth) loaded at once, with extra loops used for mixing between songs. The whole performance will be very much created on the fly.

From what I've read, Giada may be limited to a single track (if '32' sample slots) - is this still the case?

Is there any way to do what I require?


Steve / Coherer

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Re: Giada as a live performance tool

Post by FFT » Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:18 pm

Hi coherer,

There are several outdated reviews of Giada on the www. The up-to-32-channels feature was an old limitation from the past. Now you can load an infinite number of channels, organized into (an infinite number of) columns. It's only up to your hardware :)

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