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We are very proud of our source code! Giada is written in a mixture of C and C++ and is made up of ~100 files, ~30,000 lines, plus several other external libraries.

name size (kB) sha
core directory 22282985793f5a38692669835db942100bba56ef
deps directory 4e20087f7633c73e95a6d94c97ff6c92b1b4df62
ext directory dbbfd7c0cbd06228ace2fbda8d4b13752d20c3ab
glue directory 7f4f6ee5180a9d01ae8b48c51f9877a3b69fd147
gui directory c2db6a5feb051ec2dddf446df4ff68ff891fbd19
main.cpp 2433 f02b575efe155439a7560cbc8a9360ecc26fc348
utils directory 30812d79d21dcfe025d75305a6cb0ed97a4663e7