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Your hardcore loop machine.

Giada is an open source, minimalistic and hardcore music production tool. Designed for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.


*Your sample player

Load samples from your crates and play them with a computer keyboard or a MIDI controller.

*Your loop machine

Build your performance in real time by layering audio tracks or MIDI events, driven by the main sequencer.

*Your song editor

Write songs from scratch or edit existing live recordings with the powerful Action Editor, for a fine-tuned control.

*Your live recorder

Record sounds from the real world and MIDI events coming from external devices or other apps.

*Your FX processor

Process samples or audio/MIDI input signals with VST instruments from your plug-ins collection.

*Your MIDI controller

Control other software or synchronize physical MIDI devices by using Giada as a MIDI master sequencer.

Lightweight and powerful

VST and MIDI support

Designed for live performances

Powerful multi-threaded audio engine

Super sleek interface, no exotic stuff

Tons of tools to edit your songs

100% open-source GPL

For Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD

“This software is f*cking awesome.”― Cinderskull27

“Giada is one of the best open platform audio tool out there.”― blinkworth1

“Discovering Giada has completely changed my life.”― D1RTY J0E

latest version: 0.19.0 “Werewolf”

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Latest news from our laboratories.

Giada 0.19.0 “Werewolf“ released

November 09, 2021 ―

Few days ago we released Giada 0.19.0, codename “Werewolf“. Inspired by the mythological human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, Giada 0.19.0 introduces the new "One-shot Pause" channel mode: a new way of playing sample channels where the sample can be put on pause. More information available in the official documentation, "Channels and Samples" chapter.

In addition to such delicious new feature, Giada 0.19.0 features important internal refactorings, bug fixes and minor plug-in UI's improvements. For more information please take a look at the full changelog, available in the download area. Auuu 🐺

New Giada 0.18.2 codename “Griffin“

September 18, 2021 ―

Giada 0.18.2 “Griffin“ is ready for your machine! This new version contains a lot of user-interface improvements and usability fixes. More specifically:

  • Stereo In/Out audio meters;

  • A completely overhauled Action Editor — the tool has been thoroughly redesigned in order to improve its ease of use. The Action Editor now also shows the running play head when the song is playing.

Giada 0.18.2 also fixes several MIDI bugs such as MIDI events being sent also when the channel was muted: please take a look at the full changelog in the download area for the complete list. As always a warm kiss goes to all the contributors who helped with this release. Have fun ❤️

Giada 0.18.1 “Kelpie“ is out

July 31, 2021 ―

Few days ago we released Giada 0.18.1 codename “Kelpie“, named after the shape-shifting spirit inhabiting lakes in Scottish folklore. Giada 0.18.1 features a new audio resampling architecture that allows you to change the resampling quality of the live audio stream — prior to this change the resampling quality setting was used only for converting audio files when a project was initially loaded.

Giada 0.18.1 also includes many CMake fixes on Linux, hardened runtime on macOS release, additional fixes for JACK Transport (Linux) and much more. The full changelog is available in the download area. Have fun with Giada 0.18.1 and stay safe!

Giada demo #6: “Coraggio“

July 10, 2021 ―

A new lo-fi house experiment live-recorded with Giada Loop Machine version 0.18.1 has been published on our YouTube channels few days ago. Music by TBLR, visuals by Kikimoredesign. Enjoy!

New free loop-length audio recording tutorial

July 02, 2021 ―

The Tutorials & Media section recently gained a new one-page tutorial on how to use the free loop-length mode. Introduced in Giada version 0.18.0, the free loop-length mode allows you to freely record audio from your sound card without time boundaries. Check it out now!