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Your hardcore loop machine.

Giada is an open source, minimalistic and hardcore music production tool. Designed for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.


*Your sample player

Load samples from your crates and play them with a computer keyboard or a MIDI controller.

*Your loop machine

Build your performance in real time by layering audio tracks or MIDI events, driven by the main sequencer.

*Your song editor

Write songs from scratch or edit existing live recordings with the powerful Action Editor, for a fine-tuned control.

*Your live recorder

Record sounds from the real world and MIDI events coming from external devices or other apps.

*Your FX processor

Process samples or audio/MIDI input signals with VST instruments from your plug-ins collection.

*Your MIDI controller

Control other software or synchronize physical MIDI devices by using Giada as a MIDI master sequencer.

Lightweight and powerful

VST and MIDI support

Designed for live performances

Powerful multi-threaded audio engine

Super sleek interface, no exotic stuff

Tons of tools to edit your songs

100% open-source GPL

For Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD

“This software is f*cking awesome.”― Cinderskull27

“Giada is one of the best open platform audio tool out there.”― blinkworth1

“Discovering Giada has completely changed my life.”― D1RTY J0E

latest version: “Realm of Magic”

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Latest news from our laboratories.

Giada 0.16.2 Realm of Magic released

March 01, 2020 ―

Giada 0.16.2 is ready for your studio! Many things are changing under the hood: a new library for reading JSON projects and configuration files, a new version of RtAudio that fixes some annoying errors on Linux, significant code clean-ups and optimizations.

And what about new features, instead? Giada 0.16.2 provides the ability to vertically resize channels, as well as many minor user-interface improvements that will make for a better user experience. We also deprecated the old patch format: from now on Giada will always store and load projects, while single-file patches are still supported in read-only mode for backward compatibility.

Enjoy Giada 0.16.2 “Realm of Magic” by grabbing it in the download area, along with the full changelog.

New one-page tutorial #001

February 02, 2020 ―

Say hello to our new one-page tutorial series! A collection of short guides that explain how to do useful things with Giada. In the first episode, Play samples with your keyboard you will learn how to use Giada as a sample player by loading samples into channels and binding keyboard buttons to them. The full list is available in the tutorials & media corner.

Giada 0.16.1 codename “Goblins” released today

January 12, 2020 ―

We are happy to announce a new minor version of Giada coming out from our laboratories. This time we have fixed plenty of glitches around the user interface, performed some code refactoring and added some nice improvements such as the ability to remove empty columns manually from the main window. Also, our friend yurivict added support for FreeBSD: thank you a lot for this!

As always, Giada 0.16.1 “Goblins” binaries are ready for download in the download area, along with the full changelog.

Giada 0.16.0 final version released

December 2, 2019 ―

After some months of development, we are happy to announce Giada 0.16.0 codename “Dungeons and Catacombs”. This version brings in many architectural changes and improvements to the audio rendering thread, as well as the UI layer. We want to get ready for the long-awaited version 1.0 with a solid, reliable and easy to extend audio engine.

Given all these important changes, patches/projects created with Giada prior to version 0.16.0 won't be supported anymore. Don't worry, though: the Almighty Patch Converter tool will update your projects automatically in a click. Just follow the instructions on that page and you are ready to go :)

As always a big warm hug to all our supporters, bug reporters and friends. Go grab Giada 0.16.0 “Dungeons and Catacombs” in the download area now!

Giada 0.16.0 beta 2 released

November 13, 2019 ―

Another beta version of Giada 0.16.0 has been baked today in our laboratories. This new release marked as 0.16.0beta2 fixes many annoying bugs and crashes, paving the road for the long-awaited final version 0.16.0. Please take a look at the full changelog and feel free to play with Giada 0.16.0beta2 in the download area.