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The Action Editor

The action editor The action editor is a tool to operate on actions. Here you can alter and modify the existing ones, as well as add new actions from scratch. It represents the actions of a channel and it's composed of several horizontal widgets, each of them containing a specific action type.

General interactions

All the widgets work the same way: you manage them with the mouse and you add, remove or shift the actions by clicking on them.

left click on empty areaadd an action
right click on actionremove an action
left click + drag on actionmove the action or resize it
right click + drag on empty areavertical scroll, if the widget has scrollable content

The zoom buttonsZoom buttons in the upper right corner of the window allow to magnify or reduce the view of all the widgets. The grid toolGrid tool shows a visual grid over the beat cells; the small check button on the right enables snapping.

Available actions

At the moment the action editor allows to manage the following action types:

  • key press, key release, sample kill — through the start/stop widget;
  • volume — through the volume envelope widget.
  • MIDI notes — through the piano roll widget.
  • MIDI velocity — through the velocity widget.

Start/stop widget

The start/stop widget Action widgetworks only for those channels set in oneshot mode (Oneshot basicOneshot pressOneshot retrigOneshot endless); if you open the editor for a channel set in loop mode, the widget will be disabled. Actions are represented in different ways:

  • Key pressAction keypress — a single key pressure, usually recorded live with [key];
  • Key releaseAction keyrel — a single key release;
  • Kill chanAction kill chan — a sample break, usually recorded live with shift+[key];
  • Composite actionComposite action — it represents the combination of a key press + key release and it's available only for channels set to oneshot press mode Oneshot press. It shows the duration of the key pressure and you can resize it by dragging the edges.

The action type selectorAction type selector changes the action type you would add by left-clicking on an empty area.

Volume Envelope widget

The volume envelope widget Volume Envelope widget handles volume changes. It ranges from 0 (bottom, silence) to 1 (top, full amplitude). Click on the first or last point to erase the envelope completely.

Piano roll widget

Available only for MIDI channels, the piano roll widget Piano Roll widget handles MIDI notes. It represents the full set of 128 notes (0-127) with 11 octaves ranging from C-1 (or C0) to G9 (or G10).

It can be vertically resized by dragging the lower edge up and down. Left-click on an empty space and drag it to move the grid up and down.

Starting from version 0.13.4 the piano roll editor is able to cope with wrong MIDI events, such as two Note On next to each other. We call them orphaned MIDI events and they look like an empty rectangle Orphaned MIDI event with fixed width.

You can't do much with an orphaned MIDI event, except for deleting it by right clicking on it. Useful to clean up a MIDI mess.

Velocity widget

Available only for MIDI channels, the velocity widget Velocity widgetlets you change the overall volume of the MIDI note. Values range from 0 (silent) to 127 (maximum loudness). Each point in the velocity widget matches the corresponding note in the piano roll editor.