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Channels and MIDI

A MIDI channel contains MIDI events. By clicking on the main buttonMain button a popup menu will appear, with several options available:

MIDI Channel button menu

  • Edit actions — opens the Action Editor;
  • Clear actions — deletes recorded actions from the channel: all is the only option by now;
  • Set keyboard input — binds keys to channel;
  • Setup MIDI input — binds MIDI events to channel, see MIDI input management;
  • Setup MIDI output — enables MIDI output from this channel, see MIDI output management;
  • Resize — changes the channel height in pixel;
  • Rename channel — changes the channel name;
  • Clone channel — adds a new channel by making a full copy of the current one;
  • Delete channel — removes the channel from the stack. All MIDI actions will be deleted as well.

Channel statuses

  • Chan status offOff — the channel is stopped;
  • Chan status waitWait/ending (blinking) — the channel is waiting for the first beat or is about to stop;
  • Chan status waitPlay (fixed) — the channel is active and playing;

Keyboard interactions

These channels are somewhat simpler: they just behave like sample channels in loop basic mode (quiz: can you figure out why?).

click on play buttonwait, then start/stop on next beat 1
shift + click on play buttonimmediate stop
click on mute button Mute buttonmute